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Career SwitchThe average person goes through a career switch at least 5 times during their life for many different reasons.  Regardless of what drives people to move on to new careers, one thing is certain; it’s always best to stay at your current position if possible until you get the other job.  This is not always realistic, especially in today’s world where layoffs continue at an almost record pace.

Have you noticed most of us complain at one time or another about our present job no matter how good our jobs are?  This is perfectly normal human behavior because no job on this planet can ever fulfill every single one of our expectations.  However, if getting up and going to work becomes over-tedious and much too difficult, you probably need to take a good look at where you are professionally on your life.

At this point you have one of two choices; continue complaining and whining about your job while feeling miserable or make a fresh start at a great company.  You can also venture into your own business if you have the means to do it with.

If you are thinking about moving on to another company, try to honestly assess what skills you have and how they can benefit a certain company so you can look ahead and develop a plan to gain employment at that particular place of business.   Likewise, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit figure out your strengths and see if you can honestly match them to the dream company you’ve always wanted to start!

Whatever you do, don’t ever wait till the last minute to switch gears with a new career.  It’s far more difficult to land a job when you’re out of work than when you’re employed and looking.  A great indication that you may eventually have to find another job is when you are continually unhappy and it severely affects your personal and home life.

Take a look at CVS job openings at the following website and consider joining the King of all the retail pharmacists; it’ll be a burst of a breath of fresh air!


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    i am trying desperately to fill out a application for cvs located on hwy.59 in mandeville la. 70448. can you please help, what is th site to fill out and submit application ? thank you brian naquin @

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