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CVS Job Application Tips For Lazy Bums

lazy-bumDo you find yourself pondering whether or not you should search for and submit a CVS job application, or any online application for that matter because you have it so darn good at home?

Well, if you’re a lazy bum who perhaps, lives at home with Mom and Dad, if you’re in between jobs and taking a much needed and deserved 6 month break courtesy of Uncle Sam’ s paycheck we’re all paying taxes for, if you’ve been kicked out of your parent’s house and your Aunt Lucy’s already sick and tired of you after one day because you’re a refrigerator raider, why not submit an online CVS application?

What’s the worst that can happen?  Yeah, I know – you can get hired!  Why – you lazy bum! All you have to do is search jobs which are located right there in your hometown.

My definition of a lazy bum is simple; someone who refuses to work and mooches off other people.  There’s one in every family or circle of friends!

This really is no laughing matter.  It amazes me how many quality people with great work histories put in an application for CVS or any other company for that matter, and instead, the bum with no experience who’s done nothing but sit on a couch until he or she finally throws up a three pointer up in the air from mid-court  is the one who gets the job!

I’ve heard of qualified people getting passed over for a – yep – you guessed it – a lazy, unqualified bum!  There really is no rhyme or reason to the hiring process in virtually every company.  Sometimes the interviewer is having a bad day or doesn’t like what he or she sees on the surface of an experienced, prospective employee, sometimes a person (like you bums) can fool an interviewer, and sometimes a computer spits out derogatory information about an excellent candidate who has a blemish on his or her work history record years ago rendering their application worthless.  Whatever the case, it makes sense for these qualified people to keep trying  to get hired with other companies, while you, the bum, sit at home missing work a mere week after you’ve been hired, wondering if you’ll call in sick again tomorrow.

The good news is; once you’re hired to work at CVS, your bum-ship will probably disappear quickly or you’ll be out of a job quicker than you can say, “Why can’t they see me for what I am, a bum!”

If you fit the certified “bum” criteria, my advice to you is to get off your lazy derriere and level out the playing field – hey, the truth is…everybody deserves a chance.  Go out and apply for a job at CVS and make yourself proud for even applying.  Studies show many people who are generally deemed lazy and jobless are actually people who are unwilling to take that first step because they’re actually scared of “change.”

On the flip side,  those of you who are go-getters but unlucky enough to have been laid off or watch your business go sour, take a dive into the CVS world of employment.  But be forewarned; you just might love what you see and stay there until retirement! Search for a CVS job in your area.

Oh, and parents everywhere, rejoice!  Your kids (some of them ex-bums) are out of the house and working at CVS.