How Turn a Seasonal CVS Job Into A Permanent Position

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to apply online and try to search for a CVS job, I recommend you submit your job application within the next couple of weeks before the Christmas rush to get a job comes pouring in.

Traditionally, people tend to put forth more online job applications during the holidays than any other time of the season for obvious reasons. You can take advantage of this yearly hiring spree by thinking long term instead of just for holiday cash.

Many workers get hired for seasonal jobs during the holidays without having any intentions to try and get hired at CVS for the long term; this is where you come in!

Here are some tips to turn a November and December entry-level job into a year round career:

1. First and foremost, set out to prove you are a dependable worker. Get to work ahead of your scheduled time consistently; this will help you stand out in the eyes of management.Recent studies show more than half of all employed workers are late to work at least 1/3 of the time. So, in a way, management expects workers to be a little inconsistent in arriving to work in a timely manner.

Get to work on time, and you already have an advantage.

2. Go out of your way to be helpful and friendly to other staff members. for example, if a CVS pharmacist needs assistance in retrieving an over-the-counter medicine for a customer, let them know they can count on you for help. As a matter of fact, let the pharmacy staff you’re available whenever a customer needs assistance in the aisles.

3. Become familiar with the merchandise in the store by studying the items in every aisle for the first few days. You’ll look like a million dollars when a customer asks you for help and you’re able to lead them right to the item after a mere three days of working at CVS!  Not only that, managers notice these kinds of things easily.

4. Try to develop a respectful relationship with the store manager and never hesitate to ask questions about how the store operates. This will let them know you are interested in a full-time career with the company. While we’re on that subject, be direct at some point and let the manager know you want a CVS career. Search for a CVS job in your area.